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Car Shipping Internatioally from Dubai

International Car shipping services

International Car shipping services


International car shipping services to or to Dubai UAE, Africa, Europe, Asia, USA  or Australia

Are you looking for a reliable shipping partner offering international car shipping services from or to Dubai UAE, Africa, Europe, Asia, USA  or Australia? Brilliant, we are happy to have you here!

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Modes of international car shipping services

Multiple modes of international car shipping services are offered by us to our customers. We will ship your car by sea, air as well as Roll on Roll off shipping. You are free to choose whichever option you prefer. The method that you think is most cost effective and efficient for you.

Once you pick your preferred mode of shipping, we will make arrangements following this. This includes the delivery of your car to any port of your choice. Dubai is rich in its ports such as Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Jebel Ali and even Sharjah. You can always drive up to the nearest yourself also if that is more affordable for you.

Documentation and other formalities required for the export of your car will also be taken care of by us.

Roll on Roll off Shipping

Did you know that Ro Ro shipping is among the most cost efficient methods of international car shipping? The ramps built on its stern and bow make up for its open structure. this makes it possible for any wheeled cargo to be shipped on board this vessel.

Once the vehicle is rolled onboard it will be secured safe to avoid movement when the vessel is on the move. We do this to protect your vehicle as well as the vehicles of other customers.

As a general rule of thumb we make sure all vehicles are in working condition. The car must be driven on and off the vessel so to avoid congestion and other unnecessary delays for your vehicle. However, be sure to insure your vehicle well as they will be shipped out in the open. The vehicle may be subject to external weather conditions. If you are concerned about this or your vehicle is a high value luxury vehicle, its best if you choose an enclosed shipping option.

Marine freight

marine freigh also known as containerised shipping, is the most common shipping option. It is ideal to ship any type of car, specially high value or a classic car. Your vehicle will be shipped in a container. It is a matter of delivering your vehicle to the port and our crew members will load the vehicle onto the vessel using cranes and other equipment. If delivering your vehicle yourself is a hassle for you, we will deliver the vehicle to the port for you.

There are two main options offered for you in this method as well. You can ship your car in consolidated containers or dedicated containers. In the first option more than one car will be shipped in a container at a given time. In the consolidated containerised option, it will be only your car that will be included in a container. This option is perfect for high value vehicles. Or if you feel uncomfortable shipping your car along with other vehicles. Since this option is fairly secure, you can even ship a bunch of your personal belongings along with it as well.

Air freight

At Aeon Shipping, we are pioneers in offering outstanding services in air freight. We ship vehicles to practically any part fo the globe. Asia, Africa. USA and Canada, Europe and even Australia. We will go above and beyond to ensure this process is hassle free by providing you sufficient guidance ahead of time.

Air freight is free from hassle, its safe and most importantly, it is fast. It will only take you a matter of days to have your car delivered to the destination of your choice. Understandably. Since planes only take a matter of hours to reach their destination.

Air freight is the ideal option to ship any kind of high value,luxury or vintage car. Mainly because of the kind of care and attention that is provided while the vehicle is on board the aircraft. Only point of concern is that it might not be ideal or practical for any kind of vehicle because of its high price points.


Car shipping to and from Africa

Africa is rich in its resources. Naturally, there is no surprise that Africa’s economic growth is evident in more ways than one. The UAE has also invested in multiple projects and that has in turn created so many jobs for many people. his economic expansion can be commonly seen in African countries such as South Africa, Nigeria, Morocco, Algeria and even Mauritius. So given this economic boom, it is not only Africans whom jobs have been created for. We now see many expatriates seem to travel far and wide to Africa.

With the creation of an expatriate community in Africa, many individuals have found the need to ship their items either to or from Dubai and or Africa.

From personal belongings to vehicles, you can ship anything to and from Africa. Services such as air and sea freight services are made available just to make matters convenient for you. It is not just the shipping aspect but also the back end of things  that we take care of for you. This includes insurance, clearance of customs, loading, unloading and even the paperwork. All are done readily to make the process convenient for our customers. So really, all you have to do is to just sit back and relax

Services available to Africa


International car shipping services

Included to the range of items that we ship to Africa is our vehicle shipping service. We ship multiple vehicles to Africa regularly. Especially to its dynamic ports including in Nigeria. It has now become a hub for the shipment of both commercial and personal shipment of vehicles.

Only the high quality materials are used in our procedures to both load and unload your vehicle to and from the vessel. With the help of world-class standardised procedures and high quality materials, we make sure every shipment is a success. Needless to say, we make your experience a memorable one.

Air and marine freight services

Have you given some thought about how we offer our international car shipping services to Africa? The main two options we offer are by way of air and sea freight services.

If you want to have your car shipped to or from Africa to or from Dubai, then this option will be ideal.

It is time saving and will ship your car to your destination in no time. It is also the best option we think if your car is a luxury one or a vintage one. This is because extra care and attention that is provided whilst the vehicle is onboard the aircraft.

Air freight services will ensure you receive a service that is hassle free and that your vehicle is delivered to your destination on time.

Other services

Some of the other services offered by us include warehouseing, security and even the clearance of customs.

When you ship a car to a new destination, you will not always have a place to keep your vehicle as soon as it is delivered. This is when our warehousing facilities come in handy. It is a safe place that will keep your vehicle safe until you get your hands on it again

We also offer customs clearance services for customers because this is yet another tedious process. If you are completely clueless as to how it works, a little helping hand will go a long way.


International car shipping services to and from Europe

Europe is a major economic hub. Naturally, we offer our international car shipping services to a large number of countries within the European continent itself. We receive many shipments to key destinations in Europe because of the experience we have gathered in handling so many shipments globally. Some of our key destinations include Germany, the UK, France and Italy. Apart from shipping cars we also offer international shipping services for the shipment of personal belongings as well. Whether it is a car, yacht. motorcycle or a boat that you hope to ship, we will handle it for you. And we ship your vehicle using the most efficient route offering in a manner that is safe.

We at Aeon Shipping LCC have grown steadily, which recognizes us as a leading contender offering international car shipping services to and from Europe.

Dubai consists of a centralised hub. What this means is that we are able to gain access to the European expatriate community. Since we have been fortunate enough to gain access to all these individuals we have built a reputation over the past couple of years.

Naturally, if you are moving to either Europe from Dubai, or to Dubai from Europe, you would want most of your belongings shipped. Being able to ship your precious car would be a plus point. Speciallu if you are moving for the longer term. Having your car shipped to your desired location is also an affordable option. After all, not everyone would really plan to buy a car as soon as they shift or relocate to a new country.

Things to consider when you ship a car to Europe

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind if you are shipping a car to or from Europe for the first time.

Cost of shipping

Cost of shipping a car to Europe will depend on a bunch of different factors. Size, point of time or season, the distance and even the type of shipping preferred are some of these factors.

Lets elaborate more on this. If you were to ship a Jeep or an SUV for instance, the space required will be relativeling high. In comparison to a car or a motorbike that is. Larger the vehicle, the more costly would it tend to be.

The next factor of significance is the distance. If the distance between the port of loading and the port of unloading is high, then your shipping fee will vary accordingly.

Finally, the type of shipping you choose will also play a part in the average cost of international car shipping. If you were to choose air freight, you would have to pay more. This is because air freight is much faster and it requires more safety measures in comparison to sea freight. We suggest it would be ideal to ship a luxury or vintage vehicle of high value.

Tax factor

Be sure to be mindful of the tax factor. You will be required to pay your taxes and a fee upon registration. Be mindful of the destination fees you will also have to pay as well.

Getting your documentation and forms right

You need to get your documentation sorted ahead of time when you decide to ship your car to Europe. This could be what stands in between you and  a successful process of international shipment. We have seen many a time how customers enter troubled waters when they neglect the documentation aspect.

Last minute work often lead to complicated situations. complete all necessary forms and prepare important documents that include the registration and the title of your car. Verification might also be needed from your bank to obtain clearance to import your car. Be sure to also make photocopies of the original documents you plan on submitting to the institution.

It is natural to encounter difficulties when you need to get the documents and forms in order. If you are one such individual, our representatives are simply a phone call away. They will assist you in getting the technicalies in order in no time!

Servicing the car in advance

You cannot ship a dirty car or a damaged car. That will be dangerous to both your car and vehicles of other customers. Bes sure to service your car in advance. You will be able to get rid of any debris ahead of time. Fully servicing your car will ensure your car is in top form on the day of its shipment.

It would be ideal to service your car and get it repaired before you ship your car. This is because finding parts in Europe can be difficult and expensive at the same time.

Getting your vehicle insured

Getting your car properly insured is important because you will never know what the future holds. Not that we necessarily want them to happen, however unforeseen circumstances are common in the world of shipping. This is why you need to get your car insured a head of time when you ship your car to or from Europe. Insurance can be determined by making a thorough assessment of your car in advance.

Car shipping to and from Asia

Asia is the largest continent in the world and we offer affordable and high quality services to many countries in the region. With a range spanning nearly 40 countries and our high tech solutions make it easier for us to provide services in a fast and efficient manner.

The expatriate community in Asia is one of the largest in the world. Thousands of expats travel to and from Asia every year and the need for trustworthy shipping partners is on the rise. All aspects are taken care of in our international car shipping services. From transportation. loading, unloading, documentation, customs clearance and even delivery, we take care of it all for you.

The size of your vehicle does not matter at all. We ship any type of vehicle be it s motorcycle, car, bus, yacht or even an SUV to multiple ports and destinations in Asia. At Aeon Shipping, we have gathered a wealth of experience. So when you decide to ship your car with us, you choose a shipping partner that offers fast, safe and affordable solutions to Asia.


Car shipping to and from USA

North America has been a destination we have been offering our shipping services for years. Hundreds and thousands of expats originating from this country enter the United Arab Emirates every year. Our dedicated team will help you with your requirement of international car shipping and guide you every step of the way.

Car shipping to and from Australia

We offer shipping services to the continent of Australia, including Tasmania and a couple of other smaller islands. There are many expats shipping items to and from Australia and this is because it is the 5th largest shipping user in the world.

The main Australian ports that we deliver to include Melbourne, Sydney, Fremantle, Adelaide and Westport. We do offer services to other cities and parts of Australia as well.

We see about 12,000 arrivals and about 380 million tonnes of freight originating from Australia yearly. Whichever your requirement is, whether it is transportation and relocation, door to door delivery, we will handle your international delivery for you. Our solutions are available on all days of the week and at any hour of the day.

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