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car shipping from Dubai to internationally

How to ship cars from the UAE?

Car Shipping the from the UAE


Now that you’re moving, you need to figure out how to move vehicles from the UAE because you’ve finally located your dream car while residing in the UAE. Saying farewell to your cherished car is heartbreaking in the UAE.

Therefore, you should think about bringing your car with you internationally! The steps are simple to follow. All the information you need to know about how to ship cars from the UAE (shipping automobiles) out of the UAE is provided here.


Car Shipping from Dubai


Dubai has grown to be the most important financial centre in the Middle East. But as a result, numerous people relocate there in order to live and work. In the United Arab Emirates, one of the biggest markets for rare, exotic, and vintage cars can be found today.

But people from the UAE frequently want to take their automobiles with them when they move to another country along with their household goods.

car shipping and household goods shipping from the UAE


Car Shipping process from the UAE


If you’ve never imported a car from the United Arab Emirates, the job could seem onerous. But it is doable with the aid of freight forwarding and shipping businesses in the UAE.

At AEON Shipping LLC, air, sea, and land freight forwarding are our areas of expertise in Dubai. They have over a decade of experience in the logistics industry.

Car and Household Goods Shipping from the UAE

You can also store your car and ship it to your doorstep once you settle into your new home.

To ship cars or any type of vehicle from the UAE, a number of documents are required. Similarly, you can select several foreign automobile shipping strategies based on your particular needs and demands.

However, for a detailed description of the many possibilities for shipping your car from the UAE, please feel free to contact AEON Shipping customer care.

Various Car Shipping Techniques to Ship Cars from UAE

In general, the three main modes of transportation for moving a car from one country to another are air, sea, and land.

Unfortunately, due to geographical limitations, exporting an automobile from the UAE by land is not a financially viable alternative.

But we’ll go through other car shipping options, such as air, sea, and land freight, as potential means of bringing a car from the UAE.

Which Ports Are the Most Common for Shipping Cars from the UAE?

  • Port of Jebel Ali (Dubai)
  • Port of Mina Zayed (Abu Dhabi)
  • Mina Rashid Port (Dubai)
  • Mina Khalid Port (Sharjah)
  • Khor Fakkhan Port (Sharjah)
  • Ajman
  • Hamriya

Air Freight Services to Ship Cars from the UAE

Car shipping by air will drastically shorten the transportation time if you need your car right away and are in a rush.

Hence, while air freight services are the quickest means of moving cars internationally from the UAE, they are typically very expensive.

However, it is a preferred solution when it comes to high-value or sensitive automobiles since they can only be carried in single-vehicle flight crates on aircraft cargo decks as opposed to multi-vehicle containers or ships.

The broad air freight services offered by vehicle shipping companies like AEON Shipping LLC include door-to-door collection and delivery by skilled drivers and technicians, as well as insurance. Please contact the team for further details on the insurance policy.

Sea Freight Services to ship Cars from the UAE

However, this method is less expensive than air freight cargo services, so many who want to export an automobile from the United Arab Emirates to Europe choose to do so by sea.

Depending on the type of vehicle being carried and, of course, your unique demands, there are various choices for shipping a car by sea to Dubai.

RORO Car Shipping from Dubai

One of the most common ways to ship cars by sea is called Ro-Ro, or roll-on, roll-off. This technique of international car shipping involves the use of a specialized ship called a Ro-Ro ship.

Many automobiles are driven directly onto the ship by skilled drivers, where they are secured on deck or below. This is one of the most economical ways to ship your car internationally.

International Ro-Ro auto shipping, which is a highly specialized technique, is generally regarded as the cheapest option to export an automobile from the UAE to Europe.

RORO Shipping Services in the UAE

Ro-Ro shipping makes it possible for cars to be rolled right onto the ship, saving the shipper a ton of time. One of its limitations is that it can only be used to ship cars when conditions are safe for driving.

However, only a few itineraries are used by Ro-Ro ship services. Do contact us for further details and car shipping services from the UAE.

Another alternative for transporting an automobile by ship across nations is container transportation. Instead of employing Ro-Ro maritime freight, cars are put into containers for shipping.

Thanks to this, the buyer can choose whether the car will be carried separately, in shared containers, or in private containers. This second option typically costs more money.

International shipping specialists, like AEON Shipping LLC, offer careful services, including door-to-door deliveries by reliable drivers, a cargo insurance policy, and thorough monitoring of the entire process, from clearance to door delivery, similar to air shipments.

Land Freight Services to ship Cars from the UAE

You can move cars over land depending on where you are in the world. It’s possible that driving your newly acquired car is acceptable in other countries.

If you decide to do this, be careful to have all the required documentation before entering any country. Your car can occasionally be transported using standard semi-truck freight.

Land Freight Services in Dubai


Regardless of how you intend to transport your car from the UAE, you must notify the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) of the method and business you’ll use to move your car, with the exception of if you intend to drive it back yourself.

Keep in mind that if you plan to drive your car out of the UAE, you have two weeks to do it. Additionally, get shipping insurance no matter how you send your car to protect yourself in the worst-case scenario.

What Documentation Is Needed to Ship a Car from the UAE?

Companies that specialize in transporting cars, like AEON Shipping LLC, handle more than just international shipments.

They handle every step of exporting an automobile worldwide, including the issuance of necessary export/import documentation, thorough customs clearing help, and the need for necessary documents.

To transport a vehicle from the UAE to Europe by air or sea, the local authorities require identification documents, a sales receipt, a valid vehicle ownership title, and a UAE residency visa (with the exception of people with nationalities from any of the AGCC countries).

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