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Car shipping companies in Dubai

Car shipping companies in Dubai

When observing car shipping companies in Dubai, one thing we always look for is reliability and Aeon Shipping offers you just that.


Car shipping is a convenient method to ship your vehicle overseas. We understand that your car is your investment. When you decide to ship your vehicle abroad, you will look for high quality services in order to do so. At Aeon shipping, we offer world class services. You will be able to ship your car using methods such as RORO Shipping, containerised shipping and by air. Whichever your need maybe, we will cater to it.

Aeon shipping with its wealth of experience now maintains a network of moving companies across the world. They specialise in not one but a variety of services. All aspects of a shipment must be handled with care. One small mistake or mishap can affect the entire process for the customer. At Aeon shipping, we handle all our shipments with care since we value the trust you place on us.

International car shipping companies

It is a fast paced world. What does that mean for our customers? An ample number of car shipping companies right when you need it. But lets be honest. Finding car shipping companies that you can rely on, that are responsible, takes accountability seriously can be a tough call. Track record of a company is vital and finding a company with an excellent one can be overwhelming.

Your experience when shipping your car internationally with a car shipping company can vary. Specially if you have shipped your car before. If you are a first time shipper on the other hand you may not even know what to expect. Whichever it may be, at Aeon Shipping we strive to give our customers the best experience when shipping their car.

Factors to consider before you decide to ship your car

Is it your first time shipping a car overseas? Trust us, we understand that it can be daunting. The smart thing to do would be to leave it to the professionals. However, it is important to do your research ahead of time to understand what you are getting yourself into.

From finding a shipping company that you can rely on to making sure you have your documents intact. Shipping a vehicle overseas after all is no easy feat. It requires preparation and familiarising yourself ahead of time will help you prepare for what is to come.

Do your research

It is easier to tackle an issue when you know what you are getting yourself into ahead of time. Taking the deep dive head straight while being clueless can be scary. When you have done your research ahead of time things start to make sense.

Specially where car shipping to Dubai is concerned, it is no easy feat. In today’s day and age, you will find ample websites offering you all sorts of information on international vehicle shipping and how it works. It goes without saying, of course, it is possible to get lost in a sea of information. To clarify doubts, be sure to contact a person who has shipped a car before or even a representative of the shipping company you have chosen.

Finding the shipping company for you

The shipping company you choose can quite literally make or break your experience. Registered companies are the most reliable and their credibility will say a lot about how your shipment will be handled. You need to ensure the company you choose is trustworthy and reliable.

Heaps of containers and shipments get lost frequently. Say for instance your car is damaged or lost, you need to make sure the company is willing to cover expenses or at least a part of it.

Compare and contrast

It is important that you compare and contrast the prices of car shipping companies ahead of time. This way you can confirm whether or not the shipping company caters to your needs and requirements. However, you will also have to note that this may not be the sole determinant of your choice.

You will also have to consider other aspects like the destination, the model of your car and classification. These things will make your shipment unique so that prices can vary.

Copies of documents


Shipping your car internationally also means heaps and heaps of documents. It might be difficult to keep tabs on all the documents you’ll need. This is also why you will have to keep copies of almost all the documents. Some important documents to note are the title of the vehicle, registration, licensing, declaration papers and holder letters in case there are any.

Clean your vehicle

A car that is tidy goes a long way. Clean your car in advance since international car shipping takes a long time. Having dirt in your car will damage it and sometimes it might cause you an irreparable loss.

At the end of the day, your ultimate expectation is to have your car in its best condition by the time it reaches its destination. Cleaning and tidying are a part of ensuring that this gets done to the dot.

Prepare ahead of time

Arrangements will have to be made in advance where pick up and drop off are concerned. You will have to speak to your service provider to make these plans. This is because some companies will handle the logistics for you when picking up and dropping the car off at the port. And vice versa. Not all companies will do this, so you will have to make plans a head of time. This can even involve a truck to pick the car up once it is loaded from the vessel onto the port.

Also keep in mind that certain companies will want you to drop your car off at points of assembly where they will then pick the car up from the given spot and transport it to the port.

Familiarize yourself with customs

A customs broker will typically help you with the regulations and customs involved with shipping a car internationally. All countries contain customs and procedures that can sound tedious for litigants. See if your company works with a customs broker because this will quite certainly make your life a whole lot easier.

Of course, you have the option of looking into it by yourself but this can lead to unforeseen problems. That will in turn create unnecessary delays in your shipment.

How does your car work?

You must thoroughly examine the manner in which your car works. Be sure its working conditions are good. It is possible to ship cars that don’t start properly or are incapable of being driven internationally. However, this depends on whether the company is willing to take up the effort to move it and have the required amenities in place to do so.

At the end of the day, customers pay for the service they receive. Most often they would expect a service that is seamless and convenient.

A few car shipping encounters

Naturally, when it comes to shipping anything, we hope for the best and do not anticipate anything to go wrong. As great as that sounds, things may not go according to plan sometimes and that is to be expected. This is one of the cons of shipping since there can be factors that work beyond anyone’s control. This can happen regardless of which method you choose to ship your vehicle.

While we work tirelessly to get your shipment delivered in a safe and responsible manner, there can be hiccups along the way.

We are learning every day and we work to formulate strategies to avoid or minimize such accidents.  Here is what could potentially happen and how you can prepare.

Damage that can take place during delivery or handling

The environment that cars are in when they are shipped is sometimes considered to be hostile. It is either shipped by sea or air. Many things can potentially go wrong during shipment. Particularly when it comes to handling the car.

They have to be manually loaded onto the container which is stationed on the vessel. Some errors are unavoidable so there is some degree of damage that can be expected. Nevertheless, companies and their handlers work tirelessly to ensure errors are avoided at all costs.

Cost of shipping

Cost is a factor that you might have to watch out for when choosing a shipping company. Shipping anything internationally for that matter let alone a car is costly. From departure to arrival, you will have to pay for the services you receive. Sometimes these costs might be more than what you expect. It can even be the other way around. However, costs can reflect the quality of services you receive.

Keep in mind you are always free to take measures to lower these costs.

As we said before, you always have the option of comparing and contrasting your options before you decide to pick a company. Premium providers of services can seem costly but considering the services you receive, you will be able to minimize long term costs.

Misplacement of vehicle

The thought of misplacing your car in the midst of hundreds of other car shipments is an obvious concern you might have. Certain off beat companies will not keep tabs on your car right throughout.

This might be why they are cheap because this involves time naturally. But companies on the higher end of the spectrum will keep an eye on your car right throughout until it arrives at its destination. So in case your car is misplaced, they will get right to it to obtain details of the vehicle to find it.

Lack of knowledge on international shipping

Naturally, we cannot expect a customer to know each and every bit of detail involved with shipping a car internationally. It is a tedious process and the complexity involved sometimes even baffles us. This might lead you to confusion and be stressed out throughout. We value the trust you place on us and the peace of mind rendered to you is important.

This is why it is important to choose a car shipping company that knows what they are doing. Simply put. Years of experience means they know what to do, they work with the best logistics providers and handlers and even customs brokers. They will tell you what exactly is expected of you as the customer. This we assure you will provide you with a seamless service from start to finish.

Split in shipments

It is possible for your car to be put into transit. What this means is that they will be shipped to other areas or be moved to other areas while shipments of other locations are loaded onto the deck. A company which handles its logistics comprehensively will make sure that the transition is smooth. Rest assured, you might not even know the complexity which was involved because of the impeccable service of the company.

Environmental factors

Climate plays a huge role in international shipping. Sometimes everything depends on favourable climatic conditions. Of course, you know what they say about the weather, it is indeed unpredictable.

During shipment, specially RORO shipping, you car might get exposed to weather conditions. This will lead your vehicle to corrode or even get damaged. Even if you are using containerised shipping, moisture and dust can seep into the container. This is if it is not properly sealed. The levels of humidity must also be considered. They are at crazy levels specially when the car is out in the sea.

Precautions will have to be taken ahead of time. we will use measures such as barriers that block moisture, desiccants and indicators that show humidity levels can be used to protect your car against harsh weather conditions.

Route disruptions

Shipping routes can get disrupted and this is not within anyone’s control. To be honest, this can only be known once the car is shipped out in the ocean. Of course the ship will have a map to follow but as we said before, certain things are beyond our control. The most efficient route will sometimes be avoided to avoid accidents. This means that there can be a couple of delays by the time your car arrives at its destination.

Apart from traffic, other factors like pandemics, politics and even weather conditions can disrupt shipping routes. Experts will of course find ways to avoid or even work around these disruptions without damaging the shipments on board the vessel.

Costs of replacement and damage

Let us be clear when we say this. Sometimes no matter how hard we try, things can still end up getting damaged. This is despite our efforts to fulfil your requirement. This is when the magic word, insurance comes to play. Insurance can quite literally be a life saver at this point. You will be awarded damages for any unlikely events that can take place. This way you can repair the car in light of any accidents that would have taken place.

Certain shipping companies work with insurance providers. This means you will be offered this service when you choose them. If you feel like that is insufficient, you have the option of insuring your car by yourself so you have better knowledge of the policies involved. Being prepared ahead of time saves you the hassle and makes this process less stressful.


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