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car shipping from dubai uae to usa

Car Shipping to the Netherlands

Car shipping to the Netherlands

Are you interested in receiving our services of car shipping to the Netherlands from Dubai? Then you are at the right place. 

car shipping To the Netherlands


Services of car shipping to the Netherlands

When you choose to ship your car with us, you choose a wholesome service. From pick up, drop off, documentation and even preparation. We handle practically everything to ensure a smooth flow of services for our customers. Our wholesome services are especially advantageous to first time users. We understand that not everyone is familiar with how international car shipping services work. There are several key points to consider before you engage in car shipping to the Netherlands from Dubai and we will assist you through it all.

You have found yourself in the right place if you are keen to obtain car shipping services. At Aeon Shipping, we have a wealth of experience as we have been in the industry for nearly decades. We keep quality in mind at all times. At the same time, we ensure we offer services at prices that are reasonable. After all, we understand that not everyone is capable of paying exorbitant amounts.

It really is just a matter of informing us what services you are interested in receiving. We will then inform you of our prices and accurate estimations of how much the service will cost. It is important to keep in mind that these estimations are not one off. There are several points that come into play and various aspects are taken into account. We are here to keep you informed of what to expect when you decide to engage in car shipping services to the Netherlands next.

Do we ship to the Netherlands?

Indeed, we offer our services of Car shipping to the Netherlands. Our offices are stationed both in Dubai and the Netherlands. This makes the process of shipping to and from the Netherlands with Aeon shipping the ideal option for you. Due to this, we at Aeon Shipping are also familiar with the rules and regulations encountered when shipping to the Netherlands. We will certainly make your shipping experience unique and hassle free. Whether you wish to ship to the Netherlands and vice versa, Aeon Shipping is the option for you.

How does car shipping to and from the Netherlands work?

It is about time you consider what method to pick when shipping your car to or from the Netherlands to Dubai. When you are shipping to an international destination like the Netherlands, two main options are available for you. That will include Containerised shipping which will ship your vehicle on water. The other method is air freight, where your vehicle will be flown to your destination of choice – which in this case is to or from the Netherlands.

Containerized shipping

The Containerised option is the most common method of shipping internationally. It might sound tedious but trust us, it is cost effective and safe. There is not one but many reasons as to why this shipping option is for you.

For one, it is safe. During car shipping to the Netherlands, your car will travel in an enclosed container. Meaning nothing gets in or out. They are typically air tight, so your vehicle will be safe, rain or shine.

When vehicles are shipped using this method vehicles will first be loaded into the Steele container. They will thereafter be secured with the use of equipment and tools to safely fasten them onto the container. This avoids any potential movements to the vehicle that can be harmful to both your vehicle and others.

Pros and cons of containerised car shipping to the Netherlands

One of the biggest advantages you will have is that this method is the safety aspect at a given cost. All things considered, containers will keep your vehicle safe  during shipment. If you are opting for the dedicated storage option, then you will have a bonus safety option. Since this method will only transport your vehicle at a given time. This method is ideal if you are shipping a high value vehicle such as an exotic or vintage car.

One of the downsides probably is the duration. Shipping in containers might not be the fastest method. It may typically take a period of one to two weeks or even more to reach its destination. So, if you are rushing to ship your car to the Netherlands, you might have to reconsider the containerised option of shipment.

Car shipping to the Netherlands using air freight

Are you thinking of an efficient method to ship your car to the Netherlands within a short span of time? Car shipping to the Netherlands could not get easier. Air freight will deliver your vehicle to your desired destination simply within a day or two. It is the ideal option for customers with urgent needs.

Car shipping using airfreight is certainly not a common method used by most customers. However, it is chosen by customers for several reasons.

Pros of air freight

Speed is the greatest advantage this option has got to offer. Once loaded into the aircraft, your car will be shipped to its destination within a matter of hours. Or days, depending on how far your destination is. This is mainly due to the reduction in times of transit. If you simply do not wish to wait for weeks to have your car delivered, this method is ideal. It truly is the fastest method of international car shipping.


your car will be subject to safety measures that will be in place by the car shipping company. Your car will be fastened safely onto the aircraft. Unlike containerised shipping and RORO shipping, your car will not be exposed to external weather conditions for too long.

On the other hand, safety measures in airports are far more complex than otherwise. Rest assured, your car will be in safe hands once it is received at the airport.

The safety aspect is also one of the main reasons why airfreight is ideal to ship expensive cars. Vintage cars, sports cars, and rare or exotic cars would benefit immensely from this shipping option. We understand that such cars are unique and will require a high standard of care given during the process of shipment.

Quality of services

When resorting to the service of car shipping to the Netherlands, unlike other methods of shipping. the quality of services provided is high. Car shipping using air freight is costlier for a reason. You will be offered a range of services to ensure your car is in its best condition throughout.

Some of the services provided may include;

  • Transporting your car in an enclosed container to the airport,
  • Draining excess fluids and preparation of your vehicle,
  • Delivery of your vehicle from home to the airport,
  • Clearance of customs,
  • Registration work as well as insurance etc.

Accurate timelines

Unlike sea freight, air freight is set on clear and accurate timelines and their strict adherence to them. There is always a schedule where the time of departure and landing is concerned. This is why you will always receive your vehicle within a matter of days or even hours based on your location. Since space is limited and so are deliveries, the transit period of time is limited in most cases.

The benefit to expensive cars

We think it is expensive or luxury vehicles that will benefit the most from this service. Since you paid a large sum of money to purchase your vehicle it only makes sense to choose this option when shipping it. Most companies take precision and give special focus to the tiny details. The fact that accidents and mishaps are almost rare in air freight makes it ideal when shipping expensive or rare cars internationally.

Air freight cons

As it is the case with everything else, air freight has its fair share of cons. Here are some factors that you might want to consider.

Cost of shipping

It is no surprise that air freight is bound to be expensive when car shipping to the Netherlands. The cost of using airfreight is exceedingly high. This is also why it is the least common option used by customers when shipping a vehicle. Due to its high cost, customers will typically use it when shipping expensive vehicles that will require extra maintenance and attention to detail. Some factors that might affect the cost of air travel are the size of your car, its weight and the distance of shipping from the point of origin to its destination.

Ar freight might not be the best option for you if you are on a budget either. Why would anyone want to spend three times the amount they would pay otherwise?

Limitations in size

Unlike ships, air crafts travel by air. So naturally, it will not be able to carry a large number of items during shipment. It would be unsafe to fly an aircraft that has exceeded its limit where the weight of items is concerned. So if you have several vehicles to ship, this might be an issue as you will not be able to ship them all at once. This is part of why airfreight is so expensive, due to the very limited space availability.

Unforeseen delays

Even with its strict time scheme, it is quite possible to encounter delays using air freight. When transporting through the air, the weather is an important factor. Delays are still possible in the event of inclement weather conditions. Avoiding such conditions once the car is already in shipment is quite difficult. However, you have the option of checking the weather days in advance to prepare for any side effects due to adverse weather conditions. It is always best to prepare for what is to come, even if it does not happen. Why take risks, especially when you are shipping something as valuable as your car?

RO-RO Shipping

RO-RO shipping will ship practically any vehicle with wheels. Here, your vehicle will easily be rolled on to the vessel that is sort of like ferry. Anything from cars, trucks, SUVs to even motorbikes can be moved using this method of shipping. Not only is this method easier to load the vehicle but it is also way cheaper in comparison to the other two methods. So this might be an option to keep an eye out for in case you are on a budget. Because this method is so easy to handle, it is so common amongst most of our customers.

However, it might not be the best solution for all vehicles. Let’s for instance say you are shipping an expensive car. This method is open meaning your car might be exposed to external weather conditions. The level of protection that the containerised method or even air freight offers might not be available here. So your car will be exposed to dust and moisture which in rare cases might damage the outer coating of the car.

On the other hand, this method is not accommodated by many ports around the world. Only the main ports will be streamlined to accommodate the roll on roll off method. Meaning you will not be able to ship to any part of the world using this option. Prior to car shipping to the Netherlands, you might have to check with them to see if this method is welcome by their ports.

Preparation involved in car shipping to the Netherlands

You might want to have your car flown or shipped for many reasons. Maybe you are relocating to the Netherlands, or simply just moving back. Whichever your reason maybe, there is preparation involved when you decide to ship your car. Particularly internationally.

If you have not shipped your car before, this might sound new to you. Hence why we decided to let you in on some pointers to consider in advance.

Gathering your documents

Gathering your documents is a vital step involved in car shipping to the Netherlands. The documents are after all the only way the car shipping company will be able to verify that the car belongs to you. You can only ship the vehicle once you prove that the car belongs to you. Some important documents are; documents on vehicle registration, insurance documentation, title of the car and your identification card.

Car wash

Give your car a good rinse before the shipping company collects it. The last thing you would want is to ship a dusty car. You will be able to wash off any residue that might be harmful to your vehicle during the process of shipment. If you are using the consolidated shipping option, a dusty car will also damage other vehicles too. So this is a point for you to consider.

be sure to wipe the interior of your car too. This will clean out any marks. Clutter should also be cleared out to ensure you don’t ship any unnecessary items. It is quite common to see food crumbs or wrappers inside vehicles. Cleaning will avoid any mould or pests from damaging your car.

Take photos

Are you wondering why on earth you should take photos of your own car? It is yet another important step to abide by right before you ship it off. Documenting every nook of the car will help you identify and note down any scratches, marks or even dents. This way you will know exactly what marks were there before and after shipment. In the event the car is damaged, you will have clear proof to show that it was absent prior to taking off. Makes things a lot easier for you and the shipping company. Mostly, we think documenting and taking photos of all the angles of the car will benefit the customer.

Remove personal and unwanted items

Okay okay, we understand it is quite normal to stack away everything in your car’s compartments. From documents, face masks, charging cables, bottles of water and gum to even those sunglasses. Whichever it may be, we suggest you remove your personal items in advance.

First of all, there is absolutely no reason for you to ship them overseas. Secondly, you can always pack them with you and thirdly, your vehicle can be damaged during the shipping process. They will move around and leave unnecessary dents in the car. Let’s not forget the theft factor. If you have any valuable ornaments, don’t be surprised if you don’t find them once your car is returned back to you. The best thing to do is to remove all personal items before handing your vehicle over to the shipping company.

Required maintenance procedures

Maintenance procedures will ensure your car is in good condition before the big day. This will ensure your car doesn’t break down or cause unnecessary damage during shipment.

Check tire pressure, and whether the battery is charged, that fluids have been topped off and the mileage of the car before pick up and after delivery.

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