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motorbike shipping internationally from Dubai

Motorbike Shipping in Dubai

Motorbike Shipping

Hop on board with Aeon Shipping to treat yourself to the dynamic approach taken in motorbike shipping.

motorbike shipping internationally from Dubai

What is international motorbike shipping?

Where motorbike shipping is concerned, there are many types. It can be practically anything. Whether it is a racing bike, a vintage bike or even the standard bike you would use to get through your daily chores. Whichever it is, we understand that your motorbike is your most prized possession.

At a glance, shipping your bike internationally might sound absolutely scary. To say the least. But what if we told you it does not have to be all that complicated or frightening? At Aeon Shipping we display professionalism in everything we do including the services that we offer. This is why our well-trained staff members would ensure they provide you with an efficient and safe service when shipping your motor bike. We understand how important your motorbike is to you. So when we provide you with our services of motorbike shipping we ensure we provide you only the best of services.

Destination matters where international shipping is concerned. Most importantly, so will their rules and regulations. We ensure we are familiar with and comply with regulations of international importation. This is done so that you will not have to worry about the nitty gritty of international motorbike shipping. After all, when you retain us to receive this service we suspect you expect us to be well versed with practically every aspect of shipping your motorbike.

Options offered when shipping a motorbike internationally

Trust us when we say this, shipping a motorbike is no easy task. We understand that at this point in time, you might even be stressing about what methods to choose when you ship your motorbike. We at Aeon Shipping do not offer you one, but many methods to ship a motorbike. This can range anywhere from sea freight to air freight. Even land in case you are shipping to a country or location situated close by to your home state. Keep reading to find out more about the methods of motorbike shipping offered to you.

We understand that it might be a tough choice to make if you have not shipped a vehicle before. Hence it would be advisable to familiarise yourself with the options offered to you in advance to make the right choice.

RO-RO shipping

The Roll on-Roll Off method is ideal when shipping not just motorbikes. It is perfect for shipping practically anything with wheels, including your motorbike. It is also the cheaper option, if you are on a budget this choice might be ideal. Your motorbike will easily be driven to the inbuilt ramp. This option is quite secure. Mainly since the most experienced handlers will engage in this task for you.

This is due to the inbuilt ramp which makes loading as well as unloading rather convenient in comparison to doing so using cranes.

We think one of the biggest benefits you get when you choose this method overall is that it is cost and time efficient. Tedious procedures of unloading or loading cant be avoided. The motorbike will be quickly loaded onto the ramp just upon docking and will continue to be in the said position until the destination is reached. 

There is less handling that is done when unloading and loading take place. So naturally, unnecessary accidents and damage to your vehicle can be avoided.

RO-RO carriers typically ship vehicles out in the open. Meaning they would not be covered for the most part and will be exposed to external elements. Rain or shine. So, if you are super particular about your vehicle being exposed to open elements then you might have to factor in these conditions as well.

RORO might also not cover a lot of ground. It only tends to cover ports that are located in major destinations. So you might have to make an inquiry in advance to see if your shipping company of choice ships the vehicle to that particular destination. Just speak to one of our representatives to be on the safer side.

Containerized motorbike shipping


Are you looking for a reliable and safe method to ship your precious motorbike? Then the containerized option for motorbike shipping might just be for you.

What is containerized shipping?

It is just a matter of driving or loading your motorbike into the container. Consolidated shipping is the way to go. Since a motorbike is small in size in comparison to a car, the dedicated container option might not be ideal. Nevertheless, nothing is stopping you from choosing the dedicated container option. Especially if you are shipping a vintage or exotic motorbike that is of high value.

Advantages of containerized motorbike shipping

Unlike cars, a large number of motorbikes can be fitted into one container. This will cause a reduction in overall costs. Making this option rather cost efficient for customers due to this. It is also easily the most common method of shipping for a reason.

Typically the cost of shipping will be distributed among the customers shipping their motorbikes in a container at any given time. So charges such as clearance of customs, port, and even freight will be distributed evenly. As we have mentioned before you need not have to play the waiting game. That is if you are shipping your motorbike individually.

If you are not too concerned about the price factor but safety during shipping, then this option might be ideal. Mainly because it is an enclosed space, so your vehicle will not be exposed to external elements such as dust, moisture, or extreme sunshine.


Air freight

Air freight is easily the fastest method when it comes to international motorbike shipping. If you have a deadline to meet, then this method would be ideal for you. Motorbike shipping using typical methods that include across the water is not the fastest. In fact, it will take you a couple of weeks depending on how far your destination is. Taking transit times and other factors into account, sea freight might not exactly be the fastest.

With air freight, your precious motorbike is quite literally one or two flights away from reaching its destination. If your motorbike happens to be vintage or even a rare collectible, air freight will definitely be worth the money you pay for the service. We mostly see vehicles of high value that are being shipped using this method. So, the safety aspect and protection offered to your vehicle is top notch in comparison to the other shipping types.

Pallets will be attached to the aircraft to secure your vehicle that will be tightly strapped. This ensures there will hardly be any movement when the vehicle is on air.

You will however have to satisfy typical requirements of customs and other documentation in advance

Things to look into in advance

You cannot simply decide to ship your motorbike using air freight over night. It has to be well thought out. Since your motorbike will have to be prepared well in advance. So we have set out a couple of pointers for you to consider ahead of time.

  • Ensure your vehicle is running.
  • Fix any potential leaks and anything that can lead to your motorbike being refused to be shipped.
  • Tank should not be too full during motorbike shipping
  • If considered safe, battering may remain connected.
  • Deactivate the alarm system if any.

What is the cost of Motorbike shipping?

Cost of shipping a motorbike may vary from company to company. This is because costs will depend on a variety of factors that work collectively and not just one. From the type of shipping chosen to the distance, it all plays a part.

We also know that the prices allocated to motorbike shipping will be a deciding factor when you pick a shipping partner. Most of our customers have a set budget in mind well in advance. Preparing for what is to come is always great since it will take the chaos out of the process. You will be able to make an estimation only once you take into account the various factors that come into play. So, here are some factors that you may also consider before hand.

Shipping type

You will decide to ship your motorbike either by air or sea. Or land, depending on your destination of choice. So the shipping type you opt for is quite essential mainly because it tends to have a direct impact on the overall costs you will have to pay.

RO-RO shipping for example will cost you far less in comparison to containerized shipping by water or air.

Containerized shipping across the ocean is the most common method of shipping. This is also quite cheap in comparison to air freight. If you have ample time to get your motorbike to its destination and if you worry about safety, this method is ideal. Its safe and great on your wallet.

Have you chosen the airfreight method to ship your motorbike? Then your shipping costs will be relatively high. It’s because this method is rather fast. It is also mostly used when shipping high-value vehicles due to its extensive price point.

Other cost factors

The weight of the motorbike, its size, and even its density are some factors. These factors will have a collective effect on the total cost you will have to incur. If for instance, you are shipping a large motorbike, you will need more space than usual. This will mean paying more for the extra space.

You will also encounter taxes, tariffs and other costs on customs when shipping internationally. These rates will also depend on the destination you are shipping to and from. Your shipping company will familiarise you with and help you in figuring these costs out.

Insurance of motorbike

Did you know that insurance is a vital point that will affect your overall costs? You will either be offered in house insurance options or might have to choose a third-party insurance option. Once the motorbike is out in the open, there is nothing we could foresee. Let alone do since everything would be out of our control. So your best option, in this case, will be to get an insurance plan ahead of time. As they say, better safe than sorry.

Collection and transportation of your motorbike

Do you think you will need the shipping company to collect your motorbike for you once it lands at its destination? If you do not have a way of getting a hold of the vehicle once it lands, then they will also have to deliver the motorbike for you. Luckily for you, companies do offer the service of collecting and transporting the motorbike for you.

It really is just a matter of inquiring from the service provider whether such services are offered. Or you may even hire a company to deliver your motorbike for you. Whichever method you prefer, you will have to factor in this cost in advance to

Distance of motorbike shipping

Are you planning on shipping your motorbike to a distant location? Or a nearby location? Why do we ask? Well, the distance of shipping your motorbike is the next vital point to consider. Naturally, if you are shipping to a different country, you will have to resort to the containerized shipping option. This will tend to cost far greater in comparison to shipping within Dubai itself as you will use trailers here. Land transportation is typically considered to cost less in comparison to air freight or sea freight.

Therefore we suggest you prepare ahead of time. That is in case you have a long journey planned ahead for your motorbike.

Preparation involved

Like shipping any other item, you will have to pay attention to the preparation aspect. Especially where shipping any type of vehicle is concerned, it entails prior preparation.

Preparation involves time, and even certain tools to ensure your motorbike is ready for international shipping. If it is your first time shipping, you might have to obtain the assistance of a shipping company. Since after all, they are well quite familiar with the procedures involved. Due to their experience, there will hardly be any room for mistakes or errors. Ofcourse these costs will have to also be considered. That includes how much prep your motorbike will need, whether tanks should be emptied and how much equipment will be required to prepare your motorbike ahead of time.

How do you prepare your motorbike for shipping?

Are you hoping to ship your motorbike overseas soon? This could specially be the case if it is a long time dream of purchasing your dream motorbike coming true. Or it could be that you are moving abroad for work. lest we forget, preparation is an important aspect when shipping a motorbike. Is this your first time shipping a motorbike, and are you looking for safe ways to ship it abroad? Fortunately then, these tips will be abundantly helpful for you.

Hiring a shipping company

The first step would be to hire a professional shipping company. This should be made priority if you are shipping your motorbike internationally. Naturally since you are not equipped with the proper materials nor do you have the power to do it yourself. A reliable shipping company will help you out with all the tough parts of the shipping process. This includes a number of services such as the preparation of your motorbike and the documentation as well.

Cleaning the motorbike

A dustless, speck less motorbike will make wonders by the time it reaches its destination. Dust is likely to create unnecessary damage to your motorbike during the shipping process. Not to mention, it will also be hazardous to other motorbikes and vehicles that are being shipped along with yours. Cleaning the motorbike will also help you identify any scratches or dents in advance or post shipping.

Inspect the motorbike

With the cleaning aspect also comes the inspection bit. Be sure to inspect the motrobike completely top to bottom. Snap some photos of the bicycle from all sides, including the mileage of the motorbike. This will help you identify any damage to your motorbike that could have been resulted during shipment. This way holding the shipping company accountable for potential damage becomes relatively easy.

Fuel in tank

We advise you to empty out some of the fuel in your tank. However, we suggest you leave approximately 1/4 of it in the tank since this will make moving the bike around far more convenient. Specially when it comes to moving the motorbike from he truck or container to the dock.

What do you do with loose parts?

Motorbikes might contain a few lose parts here and there. Be sure to secure them or remove them simple for the reason of safety. This ensures no damage is rendered to your motorbike, nor other bikes around it.

Tire check

The tires of your motorbike must only contain a certain amount of air pressure. Anything above it is hazardous, so be sure to inflate tires ahead of time.

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