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household goods shipping from USA to Dubai

Household Goods Shipping to the USA From Dubai, UAE

Household Goods Shipping to the USA From Dubai


Household Goods Shipping to the USA From Dubai Offering Good Opportunity For Businesses.

Household Goods Shipping to the USA From Dubai is not that hard with AEON Shipping LLC their team is a well-experienced expert in the moving process.

Regardless of the UAE region, you are shipping to, your items may enter different ports in the USA such as New Jersey, California, Texas, Washington, Virginia, etc. 


International Cargo To the USA From Dubai


When shipping household goods to the USA from Dubai, you must confine your knowledge of the customs status depending on whether you are in the United States or not.

Determine the different customs exemptions for which your articles are eligible or not.

If you are a U.S. resident living in Dubai and you return to your country in the US or simply want to ship cargo to the USA.

Certain household and personal items are subject to certain taxes.

Hence you need to familiarize this first and then do the shipping.

The Aeon Shipping team will be able to help you sort your issues and have a smooth moving process and they also can handle the paperwork for you. 

The same tax exemptions apply to any person employed by the United States government. 


Personal And Household Effects on the USA From Dubai


U.S. citizens can ship furniture and household goods from Dubai by air freight or sea freight. If you wish to ship household items such as cookware, artwork, furniture, electronics, bedding, books, and similar items. These personal household items should only be used for personal use and not for business purposes.

Personal Goods Cargo To the USA From Dubai


You will need to complete and submit some necessary documents if you are looking to import household and personal items into the United States.

You must use the customs form and the customs declaration of the products that accompany it.

If you’re planning to ship inherited goods and wondering about custom duties, shipping goods to the USA from Dubai is generally low. 

Best tips to take into account when house moving:-

  • Taking account of the inventory, create a list of each of your items as a packing list, take pictures and arranged for the moving process.
  • Sort your items and name all the boxes and also number these.
  • AEON Shipping LLC can handle the packing process for you and also delivery.
  • A readily available team of packers and movers are ready for your assistance.

If you hadn’t decided on the dates and moving house, you can simply store your household goods and then ship the package when you are ready.

Aeon Myspace offers a variety of storage options to suit your needs and budget.


Household Goods Shipping Dubai 


Your cargo shipment of personal or household items must be cleared through U.S. Customs. 

First, it arrives at the port of your cargo.

These are experts who have their goods cleared through customs from the port of arrival to a convenient port of entry for customs clearance

Moving Services in Dubai :

  • Moving To USA
  • Moving Internationally
  • International Cargo Shipping
  • Corporate Relocation
  • Storage Services
  • Household goods Moving


Household Goods Shipping to the US from Dubai


Whether you are looking to ship household goods or commercial freight to the USA from Dubai, they have services to suit your needs.

Full or part containers by sea and air freight delivery to the USA from Dubai.

With over a decade of experience in shipping and storage services from  Dubai, AEON Shipping is a well-established company based in Dubai investment park.

They have the local knowledge to handle all paperwork and customs formalities that need to be handled.


Shipping Time from Dubai


Air Freight services take 2 to 3 working days and sea freight services take about 28 working days to complete.

You can personally pick up your package or simply get the package delivered to your doorstep. 

As with any country, the exact shipping time to the USA from Dubai will depend upon the duration taken for the customs clearance process.

Air shipments will normally be delivered to the USA within 1 – 2 days of arrival.

For sea shipments to the USA, customs clearance and delivery would normally be complete within three weeks.

For more specific information regarding shipping times, or to check their part load shipping schedule for Dubai, please contact the team on their toll-free at 00971-600500509.


Shipping Costs to the US from Dubai


The cost of shipping cargo to the US will depend upon the type and size of your shipment, and whether it is shipped by sea or air.

For cargo shipments sent by sea, the shipping cost will depend on whether your goods are shipped as a shared shipment or a full container shipment.

Air Freight shipping costs to the USA from Dubai are based on a combination of the dimensions and weight of your consignment. 

To get exact shipping costs to the USA from Dubai, please contact AEON shipping LLC teams on their toll-free 00971-600500509 or simply complete the free quote form.

Shipping Goods to the US from Dubai


AEON shipping LLC provides a full range of export services for commercial exporters who want to ship goods to the USA from Dubai.

Pickup can be arranged throughout the UAE. 


Shipping Boxes to the USA from Dubai


Need to ship boxes or suitcases from the UAE to the USA? 

They supply shipping boxes in different sizes as you need, paper and bubble wrap.

Once your boxes are handed over to use they barcode these and make a record.

You can choose to ship from either air shipping or sea shipping from Dubai.

They can also ship your personal belongings like boxes, bags, suitcases and other small items to the US from Dubai.

They offer storage services to all our customer’s shipping boxes if necessary, hence ship your cargo boxes to coincide with your arrival in the USA.

Ship your boxes, bags & or suitcases

Pickup of your items across Dubai

Prices are ‘per box’ so you know exactly what your shipping costs will be

Online tracking or online team to help you track your package.


Shipping Furniture to the USA from Dubai


You would want to ship your favourite antique or modern furniture that you loved very much along to your new home.

AEON shipping LLC had handled furniture moving and shipping services to the US from Dubai. 

Their expert packing team will make sure to carefully wrap your furniture items along with your household goods in your old home and create a full customs inventory.

You can manage your office work and let AEON Shipping handle the moving process.

A complete door to door service means they handle all aspects of customs clearance processes. 

Their partners working across will deliver your furniture and household goods directly to your new home in the US. They provide insurance for your peace of mind and protection.


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