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Car shipping internationally

Car shipping to Canada

Car shipping to Canada

With Aeon Shipping’s service of car shipping to Canada you can now practically take your vehicle wherever you go.


car shipping Internationally from UAE

What is car shipping to Canada?

Why don’t we be clear on one thing? Your car is your baby. It cost you a fortune after all, and you will want only the best services when shipping it internationally. With so many options out there to choose from, finding the right pick can get tough. If having peace of mind is what is important to you, Aeon shipping will render just that to you. Canada is a beautiful country. Its people who possess a positive mindset, its multi-cultural nature together with a booming economy and adventurous weather conditions make it the perfect place to settle down in. From its summers that are warm to cozy winters, Canada is amazing.

At Aeon Shipping, we ship cars to so many regions around the world and this also includes Dubai. There could be multiple reasons that have urged you to ship your precious car to Canada from Dubai. This can include you relocating to Canada following an exciting job opportunity, or even to study or upon marriage.

Whichever it may be, you can rely on us to safely transition your precious vehicle to or from Canada. Our services ensure that when we render our services to you, they are of the highest quality. Needless to say, our expertise, knowledge as well as experience put together make us the powerhouse that we are. We guarantee you convenience, safety and quality, nothing less. Our service of shipping a Car to Canada will certainly consider all aspects. This includes offering our services at an attractive package. Safe to say, all that is left for you to do is pack up your stuff and move as we take care of the aspect of car shipping to Canada for you.

Some important steps to follow during car shipping to Canada

Is this your first time shipping to Canada? Well, in that case, you will have to see to several points before you decide to engage in car shipping to Canada. After all, we understand that not everyone can afford to buy a new car having recently relocated to a country. Perfectly fine for some to be able to do so, but we understand that it could in fact be quite detrimental to the bank accounts of a majority.

These will ofcourse include formalities that will have to be observed to ensure the smooth transition of your vehicle. Documentation after all plays a major role in the smooth flow of things. From passports, and visas to Identification cards, everything will have to be taken care of. Shipments that pertain to crossing beyond borders will often times require the following;

Bill of lading

The bill of lading is vital for one main reason. It contains the list of items or the description of the item you hope to ship. This document is legally binding and all details that are required by either the carrier or driver of the vehicle will be furnished here. Bill of lading is also vital when invoicing the shipment with accuracy.

Customs documentation/invoice

Canadian customs invoice is important when engaging in car shipping to Canada. It lays down the particulars of your shipment as required by Canadian customs. This will lay down particulars multiple particulars including that of the individual whose responsibility is attached to the car.

Commercial invoicing

This document becomes vital if you are planning on shipping a car from Canada to Dubai. It sets out details of the payment you as a buyer would make to either the exporter or vendor. This invoice also sets out the value of the shipment. A copy of this will also be attached with freight as well as the Bill of lading.

Delivery proof when car shipping to Canada

When the goods are received, a proof of delivery will be issued to indicate receipt of the goods. You will see that this document furnishes particulars such as the time and date in which the goods have been delivered.

Origin certificate

The certificate of origin sets out details about where the item which you wish to have shipped was produced.

Provincial requirements in Canada

If you are hoping to import vehicles from Canada, there are several points to consider. Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario are some of the best places to get a vehicle imported from. You will be offered attractive deals with a wide variety of vehicles to pick from.


Methods of shipping a car to Canada

There are multiple methods for you to pick from when you choose car shipping to Canada. In a market that is as competitive as ours, we ensure to give you the most convenient methods when shipping a car internationally. It is all quite organised, keeping convenience in mind. Of course in a manner that is economical and safe at all times.

Mainly we offer to ship you car by sea and air.

Shipping your car through containers

Industry grade containers are utilized by us to ensure they will hold your car when it is being loaded, handled, stored and finally shipped. Containerised shipping can either be consolidated or dedicated. Dedicated containers will involve you having to share the storage space with another customer. Where as consolidated shipping will only retain your car within the container during shipment.

Shipping your car by air

Air freight, more than anything is safe. So if you are looking to ship your car urgently, you can pick this option. It is ideal if you are shipping a high value vehicle as well since it will be expensive in comparison to sea freight.




What process is observed prior to shipping?

There is a first time for everything, and car shipping to Canada can be one of these! Exporting to Canada can be rather exciting. After all, nothing can be more homely than being able to drive your favorite car in a foreign country. Whether you are relocating for an extended period of time or even shipping a car to Canada for business purposes, here is a guide we have developed to keep you in the process.


How do you pick a company during car shipping to Canada?

Prior to engaging in car shipping to Canada, you will have to pick a company that helps you ship your vehicle to your desired location. Picking a car shipping company can be a task on its own. You will have to consider many factors. This includes convenience, expertise, experience and you will have to take into account your budget as well. Squeezing all of the factors into one company and finding a company that fits these criteria is tough. Here are some simple factors to look for when you pick a car shipping company to Canada from Dubai.

Safety when picking up and dropping vehicles off

Remember when the pandemic quite literally brought everyone’s lives to a complete halt? Those days are terrifying and we do not want to revisit them. But we remember working day in and day out to make sure we get the job. After all, that is what it is all about at the end of the day. Smoothly transitioning your precious vehicles to its destination without delay was indeed a challenge to most shipping companies. However, the professionals made sure they took the right steps to delivery your car to its destination. We made sure we followed the right protocols like adhering to PPE protocols when it came to physically dropping your car off.


What is the point in hiring a shipping company if you cannot even rely on them? Reliability is very important to us at Aeon Shipping when it comes to car shipping to Canada. If you are planning to have your car shipped safely from Dubai to Canada. then you must be able to rely on the company to make sure they do just that- but the right way.

Imagine spending large amounts on shipping, only to find out they have not even done half of the things they promised they would do for you. This can damage your vehicle, be rather annoying, a hassle and a waste of your money. It is important to ensure that the company you entrust your vehicle to is one that will ensure the vehicle is cared for always. This even includes the event of unforeseen circumstances. A proper company with the right protocols will always make sure they are careful enough to not break your trust. Or waste your money! This advise is what any professional shipping company will give you.

Price factor

We all look for shipping companies that fit our budget. We give this more focus especially when it comes to shipping something precious like our vehicles. In the same manner, it is important for most shipping companies to price their services appropriately. It should be so to ensure they stay ahead of the curve and that prices are competitive.

At Aeon Shipping, a wide range of attractive deals await. It is just a matter of choosing the option that suits your requirement best.

Points to consider in car shipping to Canada from Dubai

Are you planning on shipping your vehicle to Canada from Dubai? You will have to consider many things in advance. This won’t be tough with a shipping company at hand to assist your way through the procedure.  However, here are a couple of things for you to consider so you will avoid additional trips and costs

  • The most basic pieces of documents you will need when shipping out of Dubai are a visa in the UAE and a passport that is valid. These are required to begin the process.
  • Taking the Vehicle to the closest Road Transport Authority.
  • The things that will be done at the Authority will include; the issuance of certifications like export insurance, and the removal of licenses and number plates.
  • when registering your vehicle the documents you may need will include, the export insurance certificate, your driver’s license, vehicle registration card /certificate, number plate etc…

Once you have gone through with the formalities and documentation, the next step is shipping your car immediately after. We would typically advise for this to be done within a span of 14 days. You can even get the search for car shipping companies going immediately after or right before this step. So you have a bit of time to go through the companies to make the right choice.

Be sure you remove all articles out of your car. The last thing you want is to ship your car with a bunch of things that will not even get insured. Sometimes you will not even be permitted to ship your car with those items inside.

Fuel is important to note. Make sure you ship your car with an empty tank. Disconnect the battery and drain your fuel to avoid any damage during shipping. This might cause unnecessary fires and we want to avoid this at all costs. Most times a professional shipping company will inform you how and what exactly to do where this is concerned.

Customs and export duties are exceedingly high and even stringent in a majority of countries. Make sure you do your research on what costs pertaining to customs you will have to incur beforehand. Trust us, this will make your life a whole lot easier.


Why Pick Aeon Shipping?

Car shipping to Canada or any part of the world is truly an experience and at Aeon Shipping, we make sure of this. Whether you are engaging in car shipping to Canada or any other part of the world, we will be there to help you through it all. We take the safety of your vehicle quite seriously, asif your vehicle was one of ours!

Having been in the industry for quite a number of years, our reputation on car shipping is impeccable. We maintain clean records since we go above and beyond to avoid mishaps, and mishandling to ensure your vehicle is safely delivered to your destination. We also take the reviews and feed back we receive from our clients seriously as we believe the only way to be the best at what we do is by listening to what our client wants.

Apart from this, we are also accredited and are members of all the important alliances pertaining to car shipping. The standards and bodies that are responsible have accredited us. Some of these bodies include the Auto Transport Association, the Halifax Chamber of Commerce and even the Better Business Bureau.

We understand that not ever person can pay the same way. This is why at Aeon Shipping we have fixed affordable rates for our customers. We understand that not everyone retains the same standing. The highest quality services at rates that anyone can afford is also amongst our ethos. Affordable rates and packages await…

We take your needs seriously…

When we say we take your needs seriously, we mean it. A part of maintaining an unblemished record is to offer our paying customers solutions to cater to their needs. We offer unique solutions for your unique requirements. We have understood that not all customers will have the same requirements.

They are bound to change from customer to customer. From shipping to different parts of the world to shipping different types of cars to being sent to various units, we are aware of it all. Instead of offering you a one size fits all solution, we try to differentiate our offering accordingly to suit the needs of every individual.

It is the years and years of experience that have helped us with the wealth of knowledge we have gained. Having existed in the industry for decades, this is to be expected. Our experience and trained staff members will ensure your vehicle is received safely and delivered to your desired destination. Give us a go and you shall see.

Should you retain a customs broker?

Getting the assistance of a stock broker can be quite helpful, especially if you are a first timer. And we simply cannot stress on this enough. International shipping, and car shipping to Canada or anywhere else in particular is a tedious and complex process. You can absolutely see into all aspects of your shipping procedure although we understand that this tends to get tough if you are a first timer.

A customs broker will essentially handle the tedious work for you. This makes what would otherwise be complicated far more smooth and more relaxing. When car shipping to Canada, they will essentially make sure your car is received by the recipient country. Since they are also well versed in the subject, they will ensure proper protocol is complied with at all times. Reach out to one of our representatives to obtain more details on connecting with a reputed stock broker for your shipment.

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