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Are you planning to move from Dubai?

House Moving from Dubai


If you are hoping to move overseas, you already have a ton on your plate such as organizing, sorting, packing up your household, organizing and finding reliable moving services. Look no further than having over a decade of logistic services in Dubai, AEON Shipping is your one-stop shipping service provider. They make the house moving process easy for customers. You can simply hand over your moving plan and concentrate on your business and look where you’re hoping to settle. 

Shipping personal household goods overseas in a shipping container is complicated. Hence it’s best you hand over the moving process to the professionals and have a hassle-free moving process. You will not have time to handle the paperwork and the know-how to ship the goods soon as you move out. 

Household Goods moving from Dubai


You will waste a lot of time trying to organize the goods yourself, find the time to assemble the paperwork, prepare custom clearance documents, load all your household goods into the shipping container and secure it well so that it stays secure throughout the journey. With such a long to-do list in your hands along with your full-time job, you’ll be glad and have peace of mind to know there’s is a reliable shipping company like AEON Shipping to handle the whole process for you. 

Household effect moving guide


Here is a personalized guide to shipping personal household items overseas that explains the steps required to move your household goods without damage, delay or extra cost.


What personal household goods can be shipped and which are not?


The great news is that you can ship almost any household goods you want in a shipping container. There are two types of shipping container methods one is consolidated container shipping and the other is dedicated container shipping. 

However you can only ship personal effects, household goods you’ve actually been using in your life can enter a foreign country for a good rate.

There are certain items that are prohibited. You need to contact your shipping company to get the list of items. 

Jewellery and other semi and high-value items can travel in a container, however, it’s advisable not to take chances. Keep them close to you and safe in your hand luggage when you fly.

If you have not yet confirmed a place and want to store your household goods and car in Dubai till you sort your new house, AEON Shipping provides storage services for the short term or long term as per your need. There are temperature-controlled car storage and self-storage services for a good rate at AEON Myspace.


What kind of container shipping to choose when you ship overseas?


You can ship your necessary belongings as you like if you have a significant volume of goods to move. 

If you’re planning to ship your car and household goods together internationally from Dubai you should consider using dedicated container shipping. If you only planning to ship household goods it’s cheaper to use consolidated container shipping from Dubai.  

Container shipping from Dubai


When shipping household goods and personal cars overseas, your shipping company will undertake your moving process and guide you with a budget-friendly approach. Their team will pack and drop you off at their warehouse and ship the household effects and car when you’re ready to move overseas. 


Loading the Container


To keep loading time to a minimum, make sure to plan and pack everything you want to move, and seal it up before the truck arrives. Make sure to make items on the boxes to avoid unnecessary confusion. You can simply get the AEON shipping team to sort, pack, make an inventory and barcode the boxes for easy shipment. Also if the customs wants to inspect any boxes they will be packed methodically and conveniently without causing any confusion.

Make sure to pack your household goods compact and collision free to minimize any damage caused by travelling. Inform if you have any insurance company about coverage to protect your property.

When your cargo shipping container is prepared one of their team member puts a seal on the container, registers the seal number and then sends the cargo container directly to the seaport.




Shipping vehicles along with your household goods


The safest, most convenient and simplest way to handle international car shipping from Dubai is in a dedicated shipping container. If you’re hoping to move an entire household, dedicated container shipping is also an economical choice. It costs the same to ship a container stuffed to the ceiling hence there’s room for a vehicle. You don’t have to leave your favourite car behind. Also to add the same goes for a motorcycle, boat or another motor vehicle of your choice


Loading a vehicle in a shipping container


At AEON the vehicle is loaded after the household goods are well packed at the end of the container in heavy-duty cardboard boxes. To keep it from shifting during transit, cut wooden long strips are screwed into the wooden floor.  The car is facing the windshield toward the doors. When a Customs officer inspects the shipping container, it will be convenient to reach the car and examine the Vehicle Identification Number. The car and household goods can be arranged to drop at the relevant location once you have shifted. Door to Door delivery is available for your convenience.


Don’t forget to inquire about insurance


All the paperwork you’ll need for shipping household goods overseas can be handled by AEON’s well-trained team. Aeon Shipping has a good reputation and always takes care of its customer’s needs.

Contact AEON SHIPPING LLC to place a free booking now.

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