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Household goods moving to Thailand

If you are planning on making the move to Thailand like so many other workers are doing it's very important that you consider taking some of the comforts of home with you. While moving internationally can be a very rewarding experience for you and your family, sometimes it can be tough to make the move knowing that you might have to do without some of your furniture and prized possessions simply by changing countries. If you have worked hard to build up your furniture possessions and you have a number of valuables that you would like to take with you, finding quality international shipping is a major asset to moving. Aeon Shipping LLC provides easy international shipping services and assistance for individuals moving to Thailand from Dubai or the UAE.

Our forwarding agents can help to negotiate the best possible price for moving services by using our years of experience in the industry. We use a variety of port forwarding methods as well as specialty packing and logistics experience to help you save money. It's with these savings that you can actually afford the cost of shipping household goods to Thailand with the option to bring some of your prized possessions with you on your move. Of course prices for the move may vary depending on the amount of space that you require but our packing and shipping experts can very easily help you to determine just the types of goods that will be easy to ship and inexpensive to ship.

Our team offers not only door to door delivery but also door to port delivery throughout Thailand. This is another way that we can help you save money. Our door to port option will mean that you will be responsible for picking up your items from the shipping container at a local port. Although this requires a little bit of extra organization on your part it can help to cut costs with household goods shipping to Thailand. If you want a full service experience however we can handle the process of packaging, recording, shipping and delivering all of the items directly to your doorstep as well.

We work at a variety of ports across Thailand including: Chantaburi, Prachuap, Khanom, Paknam and more. We can offer you simple convenience by allowing you to pick up that any one of these ports are potentially at the border as well. All of our shipping containers that come through these ports are kept under careful security monitoring 24 hours a day.

It's also important to note that when performing international shipping from the UAE to Thailand that you will need to record every item in your shipping container as well as avoid shipping some prohibited items. By filling out our online questionnaire we can determine if any of the items you would like to ship might be prohibited. Certain censorship laws throughout Thailand may make it difficult to ship materials that you don't have copyright over or some potentially questionable materials like pornography or religious materials.

If you would like more information about the process of international moving to Thailand, please start an online questionnaire or speak to one of our professionals today.

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